Are You Protecting Yourself?


Ten tips to help you avoid developing a serious zoonotic illness:

  1. 1Stay current on appropriate vaccinations, such as tetanus. (Consult your doctor or health department to find out which vaccinations are appropriate.)
  2. 2Wash your hands frequently with soap, especially after handling any animal and prior to eating or smoking.
  3. 3Wear long pants and sturdy shoes or boots (no sandals or shorts).
  4. 4Wear gloves when changing litter pans, washing food and water dishes, or cleaning up feces, urine or vomit.
  5. 5Clean and disinfect scratches and bite wounds thoroughly.
  6. 6Don't allow animals to lick your face or any wounds.
  7. 7Learn safe and humane animal-handling techniques and use proper equipment.
  8. 8Seek assistance when handling animals whose dispositions are questionable.
  9. 9Report any bites or injuries to your supervisor and to your primary health care practitioner.
  10. 10Tell your primary health care practitioner that you work closely with animals, and visit him or her regularly.